Online payment
with unlimited possibilities

Best choice if you want to accept payment in your webshop, mobile App etc. We provide a worldwide coverage payment gateway and the acquiring agreements you need. And our pricing is among the best in the market

Go global, stay local


What you get

We are experts in online payments and we help you grow your business. Whether you operate a local webshop or strive to set a global footprint, our payment solution gives you access to +200 payment channels and to accept payments in +150 countries.

Card acceptance
We help you

To get the best acquiring agreements, you need access to knowledge

Our team of experts help with everything concerning payments. It all comes down to sales and for your shop to appeal locally while operating globally


Any card, any currency
And any additional payment option - Worldwide

It is important that you offer different payment options to your customers. Customers are not alike, and the more local payment options you offer, the more orders you get.
But most importantly, customers must feel they are dealing with a local business, or you will loose possible orders

  • Support with applications to acquirers
  • Support on additional payment options
  • On-going support in expanding your business
  • +150 countries | +300 acquirers | +200 channels
  • We are serious about your online business

Payment gateway
and fraud prevention

World class payment gateway with highest possible security.

  • One single integration via our RESTful API
  • A single integration for global payments connectivity
  • Online and mobile capabilities. Fast checkout
  • Interactive developer portal for real-time testing
  • Easy payment enhancements using Open APIs
  • Fully integrated fraud prevention tool
  • Fully PCI Level 1 compliant | Reduce compliance burdens

Single unified RESTful API


Its all about making the right choices

What you see is what you get.

World class payment gateway. Fully PCI Level 1 security. Best fraud prevention tools

One integration, worldwide coverage. Go global, stay local

Any card, any currency, any country through one single integration

World class support and with huge experience in cross-border payments

Our payment platform is one of the most stable and secure in the world. Many of the largest financial institutions as well as thousands of leading merchants rely on our platform to execute + §10 trillion per day in payments.

Get a platform and a partner that can help you with the latest payment solutions while you work your way into becoming mainstream in the market.

We know how important payment is when doing business online and we give you our full attention to support your business.

  • Acquring globally and locally
  • Additional payment options
  • Fraud prevention setup and maintenance
  • We make it easier for you to run your business, now and in the future

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About PSP Payment

PSP Payment is a subsidiary of S5, a company working with all kinds of payments, from online payment to mobile payment. S5 operates a fully compliant P2Pe card present payment gateway, taking care of everything from performing certifications, setting up ISO agreements, handling logistic, providing 24/7 support etc.

Our target merchants

Combining our expertise with our infrastructure creates an ideal platform for mid-sized and large online retailers. We have extensive experience and a large worldwide network that allows us to help solve the needs even for complex retailers as well.

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